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  1. This would be ideal, will never happen though
  2. Hopefully, his replacement would take up all of these features as they are perfect for the slot on R1 and far better than some of the ideas they would have.
  3. I'd just let Chris do the one-off shows for Scott being off sick etc. but then get Alice or Matt on in long-term absences of Scott. Chris is easily as good as DJs like Clara or Cel but just not up to the standard of those like SCOTT AND GREG.
  4. Keep MistaJam on weeknights, move Dan P Carter to 6Music or something and get Annie back on Fridays and Sunday nights. Then bring either Dan and Phil or Jack and Dean or even Jordan North on 9-10 on Thursdays.
  5. I think the next chance of a shakeup will be when Annie Mac returns because they will probably want to keeo MistaJam and Danny Howard on more often than they were before.
  6. Even weekly podcasts for Greg and Grimmy are much less than they used to be. Grimmy only has enough content to fill half an hour for the whole week. Gregs is now only 50 mins when it used to last well over an hour.
  7. Doesn't even last long enough for my 40 minute commmute most of the time.
  8. There won't even be enough content for a podcast before too long. Even on Scotts show the amount of time in between songs, taking calls and chatting with Chris. This was always the best part of Scott's show. If people want nonstop music just stick on a Spotify playlist.
  9. I reckon a good move would be Adele to weekend breakfast, Jordan to early breakfast and an Alice and Clara swap I think Dev's days are limited now.
  10. I think Dev, Clara, Alice and Adele could all be shuffled or possibly dropped to make way for Jordan who definitely seems to be sticking around for the next big job.
  11. Or move newsbeat to 7 and have Danny Howard playing dance anthems until 8 then a more free variety from 8.
  12. Totally agree, one of the most important shows on the station squished into the smallest slot. Get rid of or delay dance anthems or the news and go through the whole chart like the Jameela Jamil days.
  13. Sorry got timings wrong, 3 two hour shows in the evening giving more time for music on stories and surgery and longer shows for Danny and Charlie. This pushes back Phil Taggart to later for a more relaxing show after a night out. As for MistaJam and the 1Xtra takeover, if you want that just switch over to 1Xtra. ICYMI would be a show similar to Chris on IPlayer with a Sunday evening recap of key moments in the last week replayed.
  14. It needs a change soon the last major shuffle must have been 3 years ago now, Something like this maybe???
  15. Are they going to announce any more before they release the full lineup. Last year by now, there were already 7 acts on the bill.