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  1. Schedule Changes

    Katie Thistleton is in for adele next friday too.
  2. Friday is now the weekend

    I agree that Dev is one of the most boring presenters and I think that's one of the reasons he's been paired up with Alice. Hopefully the show will start to improve as Alice is one of the best on the weekend line-up, will be interesting to see which way Friday breakfast listening figures change, probably giving Ben Cooper an idea of where Grimmy stands against them in terms of popularity to determine his future on breakfast.
  3. Radio 1 Podcasts

    Is anyone else listening to the comedy podcasts? I quite enjoyed the Ed and Lauren Get On podcast (which has recently finished) due to their funny but down to earth style. It just feels very relaxed and I could see this being brought back as they seem to be quite natural on the radio. General discussions about the funny side of life in a great partnership of real-world comedians. Niki and Sammy's Peachy Podcast however hasn't been great as they spend most of the time talking about themselves and often have to have guests for the show to sound entertaining - it seems very similar to Grimmy's show - forced fun, reliance on guests and awful features (description friction in this case). They are just run-of-the-mill youtubers though so no great expectations here! Scott and Chris' Best in Show is great, replaying games and features from the past couple of years, I t would be better though if they went back even further to things we won't all remember or have heard before bu overall, it works well and is a great idea as a lot of radio is never repeated but Scott's show deserves to be promoted in this way due to its long history for being so entertaining. The Kench podcast will feature many shorter series', the current of which being Ray Moss - No Stone Unturned. This is very different from the others as it is a fictional, light-hearted detective series in which he tries to investigate mock-up cases sent in by listeners. It seems very good in the way the stories are quite funny and interesting and he is a great character. So all in all these new podcasts are a great addition to the R1 collection and I would recommend them to people who enjoy the existing podcasts. In my eyes a much better idea than the constant documentaries and R1 takeover's we were bombarded in this slot before!
  4. Friday is now the weekend

    Not really sure what I think about these changes, certainly the most unexpected yet. Dev and Alice are much better than grimmy so that should be a nice change. Not to bothered about Clara’s show however Jordan definitely deserves that slot over Maya and I have no clue as to why greatest hits has made it past another schedule change as it is not right for R1 and is getting boring. Glad to see Molly King staying on (I think three days a week) as she works with Matt, they deserved a weekday show as their show is generally quite entertaining. Makes sense to change the chart due to Sounds Like Friday Night and am happy to see Scott keep his Friday show and a full chart again. The new podcasts should make up for the lost show content and Maya will (probably not) be involved in the Scott Mills show anymore. In summary, grimmy is on the way out, long serving weekend presenters (Dev, Alice and Matt) are being promoted and Scott finally gets the chart to himself (a full top 40). The downside is the greatest hits really either Jordan, Maya or both should be allowed to invent their own show in that 10-1 slot. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
  5. Biggest Weekend 2018

    Playlist and line-up for R1BW - I think the below will probably be the running order Line-up Saturday 26 May Sunday 27 May Main Stage Sam Smith Ed Sheeran Craig David Jess Glynne George Ezra Years & Years Liam Payne Clean Bandit Anne-Marie Florence + the Machine Taylor Swift Thirty Seconds to Mars Rita Ora Camila Cabello Shawn Mendes Niall Horan Jason Derulo Demi Lovato Radio 1's Other Stage Bastille Wolf Alice CHVRCHES MØ Mabel Not3s Sigrid Jorja Smith Steel Banglez James Bay Panic! at the Disco Christine and the Queens J Hus Jessie Ware Stefflon Don Hailee Steinfeld Jax Jones Tom Walker
  6. Schedule Changes

    Wasn't Scarlett Moffat going to take over co-host duties with Matt after a month?
  7. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    You'd think R1 would try to introduce more solely female shows as now all the weekend shows bar Maya are presented by males and 75% weekdays daytime are male. Saying that it's not as bad as the time the lineup was: Dev Grimmy Fearne Scott Greg Zane
  8. Biggest Weekend 2018

    To be fair she has actually released a lot of new music this year so it should be better than previous appearances which have all been almost identical.
  9. Really enjoying the show at the moment. The new features e.g. James PI and Ghostbusters are good, just introducing Innuendo bingo and RONR back, perhaps once a week would make it even better. Maya is also surprisingly good and adds to the spontaneous zoo format on Fri.
  10. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Totally Agree! These new show are actually sounding much better than expected, Maya has freshened things up on Fridays with Scott, Matt has got a show which actually suits him and Jordan has finally got his well deserved show. I'm sure Dev and Alice will also work well together as they have in the past. They definitely are trying to do more co-hosts and I wouldn't be suprised if the breakfast show is co-hosted once grimmy leaves.
  11. Let's play Who Tennis online!

    The Official Chart with Reggie Yates WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO!
  12. Does Radio 1 play too much music?

    It is just like the summer mix period but every single day now, they are no longer a one of thing like summer mixes, nixtape or dance anthems, it's just a way to squeeze more music in and they are really quite boring. If we wanted to hear non-stop music we would just listen to Capital, the reason R1 is so good is because of how the presenters have real personalities and make their shows there own.
  13. Radio 1 Podcasts

    Yes the 3-4 slot now just includes: Mon - Artist Takeover Tue - Specialist Chart Wed - Comedy (Ed and Lauren) Thu - Comedy (Niki and Sammy) Fri - Changes a lot - has been Greatest hits, residency etc. in the last few weeks (Should also change to comedy in about a month) Radio 1 Stories is now just made as a podcast to download and doesn't seem to be aired at all.
  14. Radio 1 Podcasts

    I am actually quite enjoying the Ed and Lauren Get On podcast, they are actually quite down to earth and genuine comedians, a great pairing the peachy podcast however is nothing original and is less spontaneous.
  15. When will the station learn to stop using these youtubers: dan and phil, jack and dean and Niki and Sammy are all exactly the same, NOT FUNNY and not worthy of R1 Shows. They always give them new ideas eg video request show, click bait show, comedy podcast but really they are a waste of time and are over promoted by R1. There is a reason all of these shows have ground to a halt within weeks in the past because no-one cares about z-list youtubers.