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  1. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    New schedule starts this weekend 24/02
  2. Schedule Changes

    Strange... seems to have been cancelled last minute, doesn't look like they will be on next Wednesday either. R1 Residency instead and no podcast released.
  3. Schedule Changes

    They will be on i-tunes and for download on the website (like Scott Mills Daily etc) as well as on the iPlayer Radio App and will be broadcast on R1 3-4am on Weds and Thurs and eventually Friday too.
  4. Schedule Changes

    Radio 1 Comedy starts this Wednesday 3am - 4am and then from 22/02 it will also be on a Thursday.
  5. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    It would make more sense to put the greatest hits show on the afternoons and give Matt the morning slot back.
  6. New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    I actually quite like this, I think it will be better with Dev and Alice together so there isn't so much cover. I'm also Glad The Matt Edmondson show is back (and hopefully the podcast) as the Greatest Hits show never suited him. I don't understand why they are putting their brand new DJs on a show dedicated to old music though. Why is Maya Jama needed too? Surley Jordan deserves both slots!
  7. 2018 Predictions

    I would say that either Alice of Matt could leave fairly soon as they are hardly ever actually on (especially Alice). If there will be any change it will probably just be Jordan North replacing one of the above on weekends. Despite them both being very entertaining they may not stick around much longer. Dev on the other hand, I find very boring so hopefully he will leave the station too. I just think if anything changes it will be the weekend schedule.
  8. Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    I assume it will probably someone like Yasser or Nick Bright in that week (They are about the only cover DJs not on), I think Jordan will get some time off as he is on pretty much every day. It's amazing so many of the regular DJs are off: Greg, Clara, Grimmy and Alice don't appear much at all. I wouldn't be to surprised to see Matt or Alice leave the station before long, they have bot had so many weekends off, its hard to see that continuing much longer.
  9. Schedule Changes

    Final Schedule:
  10. Schedule Changes

    Just with Danny on Friday night and Residency on Thursday!!!
  11. Schedule Changes

    This is the sort of thing we are looking at then: Will be very different in the evenings without the 1 hour documentary style shows.
  12. Schedule Re-Think is Imminent!

    This would be ideal, will never happen though
  13. Mills to Present Radio 2 Show 10pm-2am

    Hopefully, his replacement would take up all of these features as they are perfect for the slot on R1 and far better than some of the ideas they would have.
  14. Scott off sick Friday

    I'd just let Chris do the one-off shows for Scott being off sick etc. but then get Alice or Matt on in long-term absences of Scott. Chris is easily as good as DJs like Clara or Cel but just not up to the standard of those like SCOTT AND GREG.
  15. Will there be a schedule shakeup in September?

    Keep MistaJam on weeknights, move Dan P Carter to 6Music or something and get Annie back on Fridays and Sunday nights. Then bring either Dan and Phil or Jack and Dean or even Jordan North on 9-10 on Thursdays.