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    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    A few things that may happen. Firstly Greg has worked flat out since he started other than the Monday off for his wedding which probably means he will finish for the year on the 20th. (I hope I'm wrong) Secondly with Dev moving across to weekend afternoon's with Alice I can see him covering over the festive period but not the same amount we usually see and not breakfast that will go to the likes of Jordan. Also Matt and Mollie will be on a lot don't think they will do Mollie on her own just yet? One over was it my imagination or was Jordan live 4-7 Christmas Day last year?

    Radio 1's Screen Time

    Anyone else enjoy the Ali Plumb. Being a casual movie fan I LOVE to know what's happening in the magical world of movies. Would love to see it on the 3-4am slot which gets random shows so this would fit nicely. Also anyone know who's daytime shows he's popping up on now or is it just Ace on 1Xtra.

    Mollie King

    The Matt and Mollie Weekend Breakfast is coming so this will be interesting to see how they go with it do they make it a must listen to show like Greg's. Also I do wonder if they will become the new cover for Weekday Breakfast when Greg is off?

    Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts

    Nearly 3 months on it's such a great Breakfast show. He's still sounding fresh loving his job and life as a whole which is just perfect. The features are perfect the show sounds so slick. But he has that charming yet sarcastic humour that most of us love. What's My Age Again I'm so pleased it made it back. Unpopular opinions is a polite morning Rage. LOVE this show 10/10

    Fantasy Radio 1 Schedule

    Line up is a bit thin nowadays but it would go something like this for me for a start ditch Friday weekend line up as it's stupid. Monday-Friday 4-6.30 Jordan North 6 30-10 Greg James 10-1 Katie Thisleton 1-4 Matt and Mollie 4-7 Scott Mills 7-9 Jack Saunders Saturday and Sunday 6-10 Dev 10-1 Radio 1's Greatest Hits with various future Radio talent 1-4 Adele Roberts 4-7 Saturday Radio 1's Request Show with Jordan North 4-7 Sunday The Official Chart with Scott Mills

    Fantasy Christmas Schedule 2018

    Almost time people it's creeping up and every year when I purchase my Radio Times Christmas mega mag (only time I ever by a tv mag) I always check who's on R1 over telly instead. So this year has the potential to be quite different as for some reason I feel Scott is about to make the switch to R2 with the Evans situation. So it could look as follows: Christmas Eve 4-6.30 Adele 6.30-10 Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James Live 10-1 Clara Amfo 1-4 Matt and Mollie 4-7 Dev and Alice Christmas Day 4-6 Adele Live 6-10 Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James Live Please I hope he gets it back he loved doing this show a few years back. 10-7 Pre recorded stuff normally Artist Takeover? 7-10 Radio 1 Movie Show With Ali Plumb looking back at 2018. Boxing Day 4-6.30 Adele 6.30-10 Jordan 10-1 Clara on tape 1-4 Matt and Mollie maybe live? 4-7 Dev and Alice again maybe live? 7-10 Movies with Ali Plumb looking forward to 2019. Thursday 28th Same as before only difference being 7-10 will be Annie Mac highlights. Friday 29th 6-10 either Katie & Cel or Will &Ariel 10-1 Maya Jama 1-4 Jordan 4-7 Chart Of The Year with Scott Saturday and Sunday only difference being 4-7 Dance Anthems on the Sat Life Hacks on the Sunday New Year's Eve 4-6.30 Will Best 6.30-10 Jordan 10-1 Nope sorry not sure here? 1-4 Matt and Mollie 4-7 Dev 7-1 Jordan's New Year's Eve BANGERS this was great last year. New Year's Day 4-6.30 Will Best 6.30-10 Jordan 10-1 It's still open for debate 1-4 Arielle Free 4-7 Dev. WHAT do you lovely lot reckon?

    An alternative future...

    Fascinating comments. I'm so pleased Scott has lasted at the station this long. I think it has helped him keep evolving with the ever changing R1 world. I personally don't listen to the show anymore not sure why just couldn't connect with it anymore as sad as it is to admit that as back in the day for me he was just as good as Moyles. I think now he would be silly to turn down a move to Radio 2 as he may not get that opportunity again for a long time. I feel Sara will get Breakfast over there and why not have Scott take her Monday-Thursday late night show. That way Scott can remain with R1 on Fridays doing his dream gig The Official Chart aswell as cover?

    Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James - First Thoughts

    I feel exactly the same when I'm not working anyways Greg is doing awesome such a fresh fun show and for me I just hear his show now and that's it until Jack Saunders comes back on. Very sad still give it a few years and the schedule should be spot on.

    Yet more new presenters!

    Jack has been doing an amazing job. That jingle does not lie the guy is The Future of Radio. Loved him on X was a great starting platform for him. Now he just seems to be like Greg James Living The Dream so much charisma and passion about what he's doing. Music is right up my streak can't wait for my next stint of night shifts in October so I can listen to the show live. The features are great aswell. Perfect late night listen my favourite since Colin Murray did 10-Midnight.

    Friday is now the weekend

    None of this makes any sense. Apart from Mills hosting the chart. Bringing prestige back to the legendary show. Sent from my [device_name] using http://the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app

    New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Mollie and Matt have smashed it together. The chemistry has been perfect. Well done to Mollie. Sent from my [device_name] using http://the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app

    New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    When do the changes come into effect? Sent from my [device_name] using http://the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app

    New Weekend Schedule February 2018

    Really bizarre changes. The biggest positive is Jordan finally gets a permanent show FINALLY. Maya reminds me of the Jameela Jamil experiment and we all know how that ended. I enjoy The Greatest Hits Show but I wish they would use more tracks other than the late 90s/00s. But hey ho. Alice teaming with Dev is a kick in the balls to Dev after all this time on his own. Still at least it means they both have a few more years with the station so it would seem. Matt getting 1-4 should be good old format. Not sure about the Co host ideas though. Only time will tell. Sent from my [device_name] using http://the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app

    2018 Predictions

    The Christmas and New Year line up I hope is a sign of what is to come. But maybe not this year. Jordan North could potentially get a permanent slot either Early Breakfast or a weekend slot. They have to snap him up quick before someone else does. This guy is hugely talented. I was hugely impressed with Katie Thiseltons work. A lot more to do particularly the partnership with Cel needs improving. Sent from my [device_name] using http://the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app

    Radio 1 Christmas Schedule Predictions

    What did everyone think of this year's festive schedule? I really enjoyed what I heard. Not so many repeats. Jordan was spot on and really enjoyed the likes of Katie and Julia Hardy. Sent from my [device_name] using http://the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app