April 2006 Podcasts


April 2006 Podcasts

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All About Ben - 6th April 2006 He's the one who serenaded Laura on the accordion, and who we now know stands to attention whenever he hears the national anthem.
One Night With Laura: The Date - 10th April 2006 Hear what happened on the big date in Paris between Laura from the Scott Mills show and Gareth the winner of her heart.
Jo Whiley International Airport - 11th April 2006 Chappers calls up airports in the UK to suggest they change their names to Jo Whiley International.
Waking up the flatmate from hell - 12th April 2006 Laura is sent out to take revenge on a listener's noisy flatmate by waking him up with loud German rock music.
Meal or No Meal - 13th April 2006 Hear Chappers new game where Scott and Laura have to pick unlabeled cans of food.  Most contain a meal, one contains dog food.
Laura and Chappers game - 14th April 2006 The best of this week's shows - Laura and Gareth's date, a rude awakening, Jo Whiley International airport and Chappers' gross food game.
Placenta and Meal Or No Meal - 18th April 2006 Scott discusses the various ways to eat placenta (!) and there's another round of the ground breaking Meal or No Meal game.
The truth about Laura and Gareth - 19th April 2006 We find out what's really going on with Laura, Gareth and James, plus we catch up with Jordan off of Random Acts of Kindness.
Honesty Game - 20th April 2006 Scott, Chappers and Laura get their true feelings about each other off their chest.  It turns out they have been annoying each other in small ways.
Scott winds up his mum - 24th April 2006 Scott calls his mum saying he has been arrested for not paying his home shopping channel bill.  When she talks to the police things turn strange...
Calling numbers from the pub wall - 25th April 2006 Scott tries to fool his gulliable Mum for a second time. Hear Chappers call about a faulty folding bed.  Plus Scott calls back numbers found written in the toilet of the local pub.
Flirt Divert with mums - 26th April 2006 Calls for Scott's Flirt Divert line where people call in thinking they are getting someone they have dated.  This time it is large snakes, big barry, vans full of hoodies, and not-too-shabby abi. And please stop giving the number to your Mums.
Internet dating busted - 27th April 2006 Scott gets busts a man who has been using an internet dating website behind his girlfriend's back.  Hear what happened when Scott called up pretending to be from the dating website.
Meeting Hilary Duff - 28th April 2006 The world's biggest Hilary Duff fan, Sophie, took the world's second biggest Hilary Duff fan, Laura, to see Hilary Duff in concert.  Then they met and interviewed her.  Slightly stalkerish.
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Unofficial Mills is run and paid for by fans of the show. Large numbers of streams and downloads cost us money. Help us by donating to pay for hosting costs by donating via PayPal here.